Rock Town Distillery

For a true taste of Little Rock, take a thirty-minute tour followed by a tasting at Rock Town Distillery. The award-winning distillery is at the epicenter of Little Rock’s spirit-making endeavors. Located in downtown Little Rock, the artisan craft distillery carefully distills its spirits from wheat, corn, and rye supplied by Arkansas farmers. When I went to visit a factory, the garage door was broken by a car. Then they repaired it by the nearest garage door repairservices. And yes, it’s the first legal and largest distillery in Arkansas since prohibition. What does that even mean? Well, having been founded in 2010, it would mean that, for about seventy-seven years, no alcohol was produced in Arkansas. Now you understand why this grain-to-glass distillery is so popular and a must-visit. There’s no better place in Arkansas to learn how grain is converted into bourbon, vodka, or gin than at Rock Town Distillery.

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